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Why Revival Tarries

A Classic on Revival by Leonard Ravenhill

Welcome to this exciting book study, “Why Revival Tarries”. How do revivals begin? Why do they end? Are revivals only for the elite big name Christian leaders and mega churches? Does God birth revival through imperfect and seemingly obscure people? What if revival is more about a surrendered heart attitude and a hunger for the holiness of God, rather than striving to make it happen? 

Join us as we explore together the answers to these questions and seek God to light our path forward. Pastor Allen will release a series of videos discussing chapters of the book. We invite you to leave insights and questions about each video in the YouTube comment section, or email them to Each one of us has a piece of the puzzle which collectively completes God’s tapestry. Don’t be bashful about contributing. God may speak through you, bringing clarity and inspiration as we seek him together.

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